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Chair Making

Make a fine contemporary hardwood chair

The highlight for all designer makers is their first chair, a deceptively complex and awkward piece to get right, yet very satisfying. On this course you will be saved much of that heartache as you will not have to design your own, but get to make one already tested and designed with all skillsets in mind. You will learn round and square joinery techniques, carving, turning, shaping and steam bending. It will be a rewarding and intensive week, with much fun to be had as you expand your understanding of what wood can be encouraged to do. It will stretch you and your perception of what you can do, while you learn the limitations and possibilities inherent in the materials. These will all be hardwoods such as Oak, Elm, Ash and Cherry, sourced locally and air dried. As in all the courses here the emphasis will be mainly, but not exclusively on hand tools.

Course dates

  • All dates have been postponed

Timings: 9.30am - 5.30pm

Cost: £700

Please bring your own lunch.

Includes all materials, tea, coffee and refreshments.


Maximum group of 6.


The Workshop

The workshop at the Brake is a fully equipped purpose built teaching space with lots of natural light. Built by Phil, Nick and Nick 11 years ago, and rebuilt last year after a fire it is a 1000sq ft building heated by waste sawdust and the burning joy of making. There is a 600sq ft handtool shop which accommodates 7 students and a 400sq ft machine shop for the preparation of material. All tools are supplied and are of high quality. There is a student kitchen, and on all longer courses there will be the opportunity for making your own pizzas in the wood fired oven. There are facilities for all aspects of woodwork including, carving, turning, green woodwork, steam bending, laminating, and all aspects of joinery. All tools are supplied, but I will encourage each participant to gradually collect their own.


Nick Kary

"Since I was old enough I have enjoyed the sensation of a tool in my hand, a knife, a chisel or even a pen." Nick Kary runs our Furniture Making Courses at The Brake.


We have two beautiful holiday getaways available at The Brake.  Owing to the craftsmanship and creativity in building them they each have their own unique character and quality.  They nestle privately within our 2/3 of an acre plot of land and offer the chance to relax in a hot tub or unwind in a sauna. Take a look at our Cabins page to learn more and to book your stay with us here at The Brake.

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