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Dolly Kary

Mark making fascinates me. I print, scratch, paint, tear and stamp my way through myriad materials and processes.  This process inevitably creates layer upon layer of surface that I continuously change as I excavate and apply each one until I feel the piece needs nothing more of me.


As I develop an emotional connection with this process in whatever manner, whatever medium, the image emerges, recedes, evolves and gradually forms.  Within each layer the relationship between my hand and the material deepens. I seek to balance the intensity of focus with the release of letting go of outcome.


Like partners on the dance floor my intuition and my intention guide the painting through and I find my place in the present, something that has often evaded me.  While I am creating so is the process itself creating me, and somewhere folded in the between of the layers you will find me.  Over time and commitment I have learnt to love and trust this process.  

As a mixed media artist I love to explore different ways a medium works.  Recently, I have been transfixed by wax as a medium. For the encaustic enquiry I fuse wax and colours made from oil paint, pigment, charcoal, shellac and graphite balancing the tension between submission and control. Cold wax has likewise caught my imagination and together they compliment my enquiry to finding my voice through the traces I leave behind.


I am still in the process of creating a comprehensive portfolio of my work for the website. In the mean time if you wish to know more about my work please contact me.

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