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Furniture Making


All the courses that Nick runs in the workshop are aimed at anyone who wants to learn the skills of furniture making, and to build specific pieces of quality and beauty. There's a year’s programme for those wanting a committed and evolving relationship with making, and other shorter courses run in the weeks or weekends too, from work bench construction to chair making.

We are no longer running Intuitive Art Courses for the foreseeable future


Artist & Maker


Dolly Kary

"When I trust my intuition I learn more about myself and engage with the creative process."



Nick Kary

"Since I was old enough I have enjoyed the sensation of a tool in my hand, a knife, a chisel or even a pen." Nick Kary runs our Furniture Making Courses at The Brake.


We have two beautiful holiday getaways available at The Brake.  Owing to the craftsmanship and creativity in building them they each have their own unique character and quality.  They nestle privately within our 2/3 of an acre plot of land and offer the chance to relax in a hot tub or unwind in a sauna. Take a look at our Cabins page to learn more and to book your stay with us here at The Brake.

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