Intuitive Art Courses

The Intuitive Art courses are designed to release the possibilities of your creative expression. Through a series of processes you will learn to overcome limiting beliefs and meet the inner critic with an open heart in a studio full of light and warmth shared with a small group of 6.

Creative Being Weekend Course

Mixed-media and collage

2 days

Creative Being is the flagship of the Intuitive Art courses and came out of an understanding that it is a challenge to find the time and energy to be creative within the rhythm of work and family life. The course runs over two days on a weekend.


We have two beautiful holiday getaways available at The Brake.  Owing to the craftsmanship and creativity in building them they each have their own unique character and quality.  They nestle privately within our 2/3 of an acre plot of land and offer the chance to relax in a hot tub or unwind in a sauna. Take a look at our Cabins page to learn more and to book your stay with us here at The Brake.