Creative Being Weekend Course

A 2 day mixed-media and collage workshop.

Creative Being is a mixed media workshop where the emphasis is on liberating the creative spirit to find expression through the intuitive process of mark making.

Creative Being came out of an understanding that it is a challenge to find the time and energy to be creative within the rhythm of work and family life.  Over the course of time an adult life is all too often stifled by responsibility and routine, and our intrinsic expression of creativity is buried deep within. During a Creative Being Workshop we become a community of kindred spirits seeking to rekindle the innate creativity I believe we are all blessed with.


The Studio is the cauldron in which you freely explore the imagination while playing with a variety of art materials and processes. Play and the freedom to let go can transcend limiting beliefs that might hinder your creative expression.  Remaining present to the unknown while intuiting what’s next is the dance of the heart, the mind and the hand.  The possibility of a deeper understanding of ourselves through the immersion of mark making is what Creative Being is all about.

I guide a process of trust; trusting your hands and the marks they make. My intention is to foster a freedom of curiosity and enquiry as to what might be possible if the emphasis is to allow your intuition and the process to be the guide. If we stay present to what is happening on the surface while developing a rich layering of mark, pattern, colour and form we remember, reclaim and release the creative being within.

Course dates

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances  I am unable to run any Creative Being Workshops for the foreseeable future.  Sorry to disappoint.tthh

Dolly holds such a rich and potent space, yet in such a gentle and understated way. During the workshop I found deeper feelings, desires and patterns I have in life becoming obvious to me and what my being needs to do to satisfy or change them.  I found it really interesting that I had no 'plan' to find out these things, I just went with Dolly's guidance which was clear and yet invited so much freedom, I was just having fun, exploring and enjoying myself....and then there it was!


The Studio

Dolly’s studio and workspace allow for her own private space to create in, while accommodating a kitchen, bathroom, hallway and chill out area. We had a lot of fun with our friends Mel and Stu using a variety of materials including timber, rubber, recycled glass, corrugated iron, hemp-lime plaster, homemade oak laths etc. It is wacky in places and very lovely.


It has had a long and varied history in the story of The Brake, having been the garage when we arrived. It has been a music room, ping pong venue, and general teenage hang out zone, but in the last few years it has truly found its roll as the Studio for the Creative Being Workshops.


Dolly Kary

Artist Dolly Kary runs our Intuitive Art Courses here at

The Brake.


We have two beautiful holiday getaways available at The Brake.  Owing to the craftsmanship and creativity in building them they each have their own unique character and quality.  They nestle privately within our 2/3 of an acre plot of land and offer the chance to relax in a hot tub or unwind in a sauna. Take a look at our Cabins page to learn more and to book your stay with us here at The Brake.